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Down, down, down by the river~ Get ALL SEVEN (7) bars of Baldur's Gate 3 inspired soaps: Our Fiery Friend (Karlach), Daughter of Darkness (Shadowheart), Blade of Frontiers (Wyll), Pale Elf (Astarion), Wizard of Waterdeep (Gale), Githyanki Warrior (Lae'zel), and Oak Father's Embrace (Halsin.) This set also includes a 4" vinyl sticker of our very best boy, Scratch!

These Baldur's Gate 3 inspired soaps were lovingly handcrafted and cured for 5+ weeks for maximum lather and a fragrant, sudsy wash.  Each bar averages about 4.5-5 oz. 

Our Fiery Friend: Burning hotter than the hells, an infernal fuel of charred lemongrass, bright myrtle, and brute strength made bold and sunny by a base of warm cocoa and citrusy zest for life!

Daughter of Darkness: Night blooming orchid, shadowed memories, and musky incense of amber, violet, and clove burned in the dead of night, all the better to offer worship and grief in the name of Our Lady of Loss.

Pale Elf: An alluring cologne of bergamot, polished amber, and a dab of rosemary oil, sweetened with a splash of brandy to take off the fanged edge. Come a little closer, darling, if you want a good whiff.

Blade of Frontiers:  Earthy notes of patchouli and incense warm to spiced amber and unyielding teak - a man of the people whose sword hungers for justice, and whose chains extend deep into the hells themselves.

Wizard of Waterdeep: Leather-bound spellbooks and charred oak ash, warm threads of the Weave pulsing through your veins in notes of fragrant green fig and shadowy incense, the push-pull dissonance of one’s love for magic and the price of ambition.

Githyanki Warrior: Salt water and clean sage, honed cedar and cold notes of mint revel in brutality and efficiency, a deadly sense of loyalty as sharp as a blade of silver.

Oak Father's Embrace: A stalwart grove of ancient oak and cedar. Through the leaves, the sun casts dappled light upon patches of soft moss, damp loam, and dark patchouli - life and growth, death, and decay, balanced in perfect harmony.

Ingredients:  Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, saponified sodium hydroxide, water, sodium lactate, fragrance, colorants.

***Due to the handmade nature of this product, no two will look quite alike.  Each bar of soap is a one of a kind, and there may be some variation in color and patterns!  If your order contains preorder items, they will be shipped out according to the latest date.

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