FFXVI FULL SET (pre-order)

FFXVI FULL SET (pre-order)

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"Together, we gaze upon the moon." GET ALL SIX BARS OF FFXVI INSPIRED SOAPS:  Ifrit (Clive), Shiva (Jill), Phoenix (Josha), Bahamut (Dion), Ramuh (Cid), and Frost Wolf (Torgal) .  Each soap has been lovingly handcrafted and cured for 4+ weeks for maximum lather and a fragrant, sudsy wash. PLEASE NOTE: This is a pre-order item and will be ready to ship on 7/21!

Ifrit: Black pepper, charred tonka, weathered steel and shattered crystal. Atop a base of spiced tobacco and cream, the wildfire scorches all to ash, leaving behind only a dream for a better future.

Phoenix: Brilliant plumes of ember orange burn bright with wisdom and sacrifice, guiding flames sweetened by nostalgic berry, effervescent lavender, and an herbal tinge of medicinal sage.

Shiva: Cool hyacinth, daisy leaf, honeyed white tea, the pale moon. Crystalline buds of blue emerging after winter’s long chill to welcome the bright and bloody flames of dawn.

Bahamut:  Windswept grapefruit, bold blooms of rose mingle with glorious peony. A nation’s pride, her bulwark and her vanguard, soaring upon draconic wings, masking bitter pith and the brutality of the battlefield.

Ramuh: Storm clouds gathering overhead, saltwater cypress, charred wood, the sharp ozone tang before lightning arcs across the sky, an outlaw’s legacy grounded in tobacco smoke and leather.

Frost Wolf: The crunch of juniper branch beneath lupine paws, fresh-fallen snow and chill air, ears lifting at the call of a familiar voice ringing through frosted fir woods.

Ingredients:  Shea butter, coconut oil, olive oil, palm oil, rice bran oil, saponified sodium hydroxide, water, sodium lactate, fragrance, colorants.

***PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the handmade nature of this product, no two will look quite alike and there may be some variation in color and patterns.  If your order contains multiple preorder items, they will be shipped out according to the latest date.

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